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Love Notes
Creating a Community of Kindness, One Moment at a Time 
Love Notes are small gestures we use to tell our residents how much we care about them. We want to create things that surprise and delight our residents, make their days brighter, and their lives easier.
In Wenatchee, we want residents of Riverside 9 and 600 Riverside to feel at home in their communities. Whether it's creating a garden together, hosting a weekly coffee club, or building a world map of where residents are from, we create things that instill a deeper sense of community.
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Become a Co-Creator and arrange recipe swaps, create a monthly movie club, or organize a dog walking group! Your pups can get some exercise while you get to know your neighbors. 
Become a Co-Creator
"Fantastic staff and a great place to call home especially if you own a dog and or cat. I own neither but it's still nice to see people connecting with their animals. This is where friends live and work together." 
- Adam W., Riverside 9 resident